Since 2011, Bagel Corner has been making great strides thanks to its dynamism and its desire to take on the market! We're not resting on our laurels: Bagel Corner is constantly adapting, moving forward and fiercely determined to meet our customers' needs. Let us show you how it's done?

Looking back: a busy 2021 for Bagel Corner 

Openings in a fragile economic climate

After two years marked by the health crisis, we can already say that the brand has managed to pull through, thanks to a successful business model. In this context, Bagel Corner has succeeded in open a dozen restaurants by 2020following the first containment! At the end of 2021, our brand will have passed the milestone of 50 restaurants in France. A new version of the concept will be rolled out in 2022The aim is to have 100 restaurants by 2025. Ultimately, we're aiming for a network of 250 restaurants in France and abroad. There's no shortage of work at Bagel Corner!

The future of Bagel Corner is spelt DONUT

2022 will see the launch of our new Coffee Shop concept: a trio 🅑🅐🅖🅔🅛 - 🅓🅞🅝🅤🅣 - 🅒🅐🅕🅔́. 

The 3 founders of Bagel Corner are speeding up development around its 3 pillars. This offer will be completed by a new range of hot and cold drinks, thanks to a triple partnership with WMF, Monin and Terres de Café.

September 2021, Amazing Donuts by Bagel Corner and Amazing Pizzas by Bagel CornerTwo virtual brands have been launched, marking the start of the brand's new positioning. An ambitious future for the network, which still wants to even more fashionable, even more innovative and even more attractive to its customers and future licensees. 

Bagel Corner, the franchise network with a kick! 

Bagel Corner is first and foremost the story of a group of friends who came back from a trip to Hungary full of ideas. The brand was launched in 2010 and has retained the image of its co-founders ever since: young, agile and greedy. 

The network is made up of men and women from all professional backgrounds. We are convinced that everyone has skills that can be exploited within the network, so there is no standard profile. We love diversity at Bagel Corner ! Our only wish: that the future franchisee is an excellent local businessman ! Working as a couple is possible, as is managing several establishments - Bagel Corner or multi-brand. 

The network is closely monitored on a daily basis by the network management team. We know how strong and dynamic the network is. Each in his own corner? Certainly not: 6 regional meetings per year, a national seminar and product and marketing commissions. The aim : be in a process of continuous improvement by involving everyone.

Rachid and Michael, who served their 1st customer in 2011, are just as they were on day 1: always working alongside franchisees to develop the brand, with the support and expertise of Jérémy Cerceau. With over 20 years' experience in the food industry, and more specifically in the management and running of franchise networks, he has worked with brands such as Häagen-Dazs (360 shops) and Éric Kayser (312 shops) over the last 6 years.

All together, they can bring Bagel Corner to 100 restaurants by 2025 ! The remodelling of the architectural concept and the launch of the new product offer is the recipe for generating higher sales for the new franchisees and strengthening the turnover of the current network.

A brand built around strong values 

Respect, Proximity, Innovation & Excellence

All our decisions are based on these four pillars. We are convinced that these 4 values, to which we are attached, have carried us to our success and will continue to do so. And that's why, we surround ourselves with the best !

Christophe Marotel has been with us for 3 years thanks to his culinary expertise. He is responsible for validating the technical data sheets and sourcing the products. 

Lucie, our training manager, validates the operational feasibility of the recipe and writes the practical guide for the network. to facilitate the launch of a new product.

Excellence is not the only value around which the brand wishes to develop. Bagel Corner has been evolving since 2010, with the following priorities gourmet, local and innovative.

Our credo: take action!

Our brand has proved that human values that we advocate are not just a matter of marketing. Talking is one thing, acting is another! During the March 2020 lockdown, we launched an Ulule campaign to support Paris Hospitals and hospital staff mobilised during the health crisis.

Bagel Corner has also turned the corner eco-responsible in 2017, incorporating an anti-gaspi approach. In particular, we have launched a partnership with Too Good To Go and Phoenix. We then quickly turned our attention to more local and eco-responsible packaging. Today, concrete actions have been put in place in our restaurants and at head office to kick-start a more global CSR approach: 88 % of packaging is recycled and/or labelled and the crockery is made from bamboo fibres.

But Bagel Corner is also, and above all, a network of human scale and a network head that is close to its franchisees !

On the road to Bagel-Vie! Join the Bagel Corner family