Our story

Bagel Corner is a brand launched in 2010 following a trip to Hungary with friends. Michael, Rachid & Gregory loved the bagel concept and promised to import it to France. Since then, they have been developing it with restaurants in big cities but also in the provinces, and even in Belgium and soon in other latitudes.

Their credo is a perfect mastery of market trends in terms of product innovation and high quality bread (while remaining 30% more generous than the national average).

All day long Bagel Corner, from breakfast to dinner we are here to treat you. We specialize in Bagel but not only!

There are many alternatives, salads of course, but also delicacies with desserts ranging from doughnuts to cheesecake, as well as cookies and muffins (both baked on site every day), not forgetting a healthier range of compotes and fromage blanc.

And to sit down and have a drink? Our partner Terres de Café assures all the amateurs a real pleasure of tasting. L'Autre Thé provides us with a selection of hand-picked organic teas and our drink offer ranges from smoothies mixed on the spot to milkshakes, Chaï lattes and coffee shakes.

Our values

Innovation - Eco Responsibility - Excellence

For our recipes, we carefully select our products and work hand in hand with our super chef Christophe Marotel. He became a culinary consultant in 2014 after a 35-year career, and is now multiplying his experiences in our kitchens in order to make your taste buds quiver.

Working only with seasonal produce is a long-term goal. In 2020 the elimination of cherry tomatoes in winter was a step towards this ideal.

Once you enter the ship, you are the master on board. Our bagels and salads are entirely customizable because they are assembled right before your eyes when you place your order. If an ingredient bothers you or doesn't fit your diet, it's easy to remove it. The same goes for foodies who want to add extras to their recipe.

In keeping with this approach, we offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free alternatives so that everyone can experience the joy of biting into a delicious bagel.

Reviens avec ton sac et on t’aimera encore plus ! Cette phrase affichée dans le restaurant en dit long sur notre volonté de « changer la donne ». Nous avons conscience de notre responsabilité sociétale de tout faire pour : limiter la consommation de packaging jetables, supprimer tout le plastique de ces mêmes emballages et aussi contribuer à améliorer l’empreinte carbone des circuits de distribution en privilégiant les livraisons en camions à faible émission de CO2 et l’utilisation de bacs réutilisables. Un vaste chantier qui nous anime au quotidien pour que plaisir ne rime pas avec pollution.

Your orders
delivered by bicycle or foot.
A plant-based option for all your products. (From bagels to hot drinks).
Ecological cleaning products
88% of our packaging are recycled and/or labeled.
recycling !
An artisanal and ethical coffee roasted in France.

Bagel Corner s’engage contre le gaspillage
avec plusieurs partenaires comme Too Good To Go
and Phénix.

80% recycled plastic: goal: 0 plastic by 2022.

For a better future. Right now.

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