Whether you're a fan of vegetarian food or you simply wish to reduce your meat consumptionour new bagel Pulled no-Pork is for YOU 👊

But what's in this brand new bagel? 🤔

Pork without Pork (yes, you're not dreaming) 🐽🌱

But not onlyYou can find the full recipe here ⤵️

🥯 Bread of your choice with cream cheese 

♥️ Red onion pickles 

🧀 Cheese shavings 

🌱 Pulled no-Pork  

🧅 Onion confit 

🥗 Mesclun 

An exclusive bagel that's sure to delight!



🎁 And because good news never comes alone at Bagel Corner, from 01 to 30 June try to win these incredible gifts:

📀 4 Turntables, 🎶 4 AirPods, 🥯 180 Menus, 🍪 720 Cookies, 🎭 15 Fnac gift cards shows 🚀

It's easy to enter: just visit your favourite Bagel Corner and order the Planted - Pulled no Pork menu - with a Coca-Cola Cherry 50clscratch off the collar attached to your drink and find out if you've won 🔥

And for those of you who aren't lucky enough to win one of the many prizes up for grabs, you can still console yourself by devouring the best bagel in the world 😋



You can consult the rest of our map by here  🥯🍩☕️

See you soon 😘