Hello bagel fan,

The entire network met up in Capbreton for a sunny seaside seminar.

3 days of exchanges, presentations, novelties, laughter and listening to strengthen ties and move forward together towards an All Day Looooong version of the concept. Bagel Corner : Bagels - Donuts - Coffee

The Bagel Corner annual seminar is THE special time of the year when the head of the network gets together with all the licensees to talk about the past year, discuss the future, present the latest innovations, go over each other's worries and also the best practices that everyone is putting in place in their own town to promote the brand and satisfy their customers' sweet tooth.



Our culinary chef Christophe Marotel was also on the trip ! It was an opportunity for him to lead a workshop on our new donuts and in particular Halloween donuts.



It was also an opportunity to present to the network new partners who are helping to develop our range of gourmet drinks and coffees with Monin, WMF and Terres de Café and organise a workshop to help them become true baristas.

A lot of work... but not only that đŸ„ł



Dinner in pleasant surroundings is the perfect way to lighten the mood and set the stage for the successful election of the new marketing and product committee representatives!

After an intense period of suspense, it was with great pleasure that we found ourselves once again elected to the Board of Directors. Marketing Committee: Jean-Philippe from Bagel Corner Strasbourg and Maximilien, who recently set up in Roanne.

Whilefor the product: Aurelie from Narbonne and Thierry from Lyon who will be working hard to design the future of the Bagel Corner offer in the company of the network head's product team.


If you follow our adventures on Instagram  you've already seen the icing on the cake, this unique pair of sneakers customised by the artist and sneaker enthusiast, Lazar 1 ! 

All of the head of the network has gone out with a bang and with a smile from ear to ear 🙃

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