Saint-Nectaire cheese

The bagel that won't let you down Its recipe: Cream cheese, smoked turkey, kroustipop's, Saint-Nectaire cheese, salad Available in participating restaurants

The Goat

The bagel that makes you goat cheese, and that's why we love its recipe: Cream cheese, goat cheese, walnuts, salad, honey mustard sauce Available hot in winter and cool in summer.

The Raclette

The bagel that will take you to new heights and melt your little heart recipe: Cream cheese, bresaola, raclette cheese, kroustipop's, salad Available all winter long

El Yucatan

The spiciest bagel in France and it's up to you to choose how much you want to set your taste buds on fire its recipe: Tabasco cream cheese, smoked turkey, kebab spices, pickled peppers, salad Available in participating restaurants

The Ocean

Get ready for a wave of flavours that will sweep you off your feet: cream cheese, tuna, scrambled eggs, tomato, salad...

The Original

The simplicity of this recipe is impossible to beat: Cream cheese with chives and smoked salmon.

Cheddar & Eggs

A breakfast staple available all day Recipe: Brioche bread, cream cheese, scrambled eggs, double cheddar Available in participating restaurants

The Extreme Turkey Pastrami

Because it's not just extreme sports that generate thrills his recipe: Cream cheese, pastrami, smoked turkey, cheddar, avocado, tomato, salad, honey mustard sauce

The Veggie

We're going to prove to you that vegetables can also be sexy. His recipe: Cream cheese with chives, cheddar cheese, avocado, marinated peppers, tomato, cucumber and salad.

The Club

With this recipe, there's no need to wait until the weekend to club your recipe: Cream cheese, smoked turkey, scrambled eggs, tomato, salad, etc.