Have you always wanted to go behind the scenes at fast food ? 🔥

Don't miss the latest episode of Matthieu Stefani with our co-founder Michael Cohen 🎙

🥯 From creating the first Bagel Corner 10 years ago to managing nearly fifty restaurants today, Michael tells you all about the development of our round bread brand. 

How to maintain a high-quality customer experience In a mega-competitive sector where consumer expectations are constantly changing? 🤔

In this podcast, you'll find out why Michael chose Brand licensing as a development model and how it wishes to developing Bagel Corner in the future 📈

But that's not all: you'll also learn how to make an impression on the customer's mind in just a few seconds, how to optimise your Google Business reviews, how to democratise the use of plants in fast-food restaurants and much, much more! 🎯

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