Winter recipes make a comeback ❤️

And with them, a most comforting arrival...the fast-cooking oven, vA veritable revolution in our restaurants! 

Throughout the winter season, devour your bagels hot and rediscover them in a new light.

Melt-in-the-mouth cheese, warm pastrami, hinting at new flavours, a steaming bagel when you open it... enough to keep you warm until the warm weather returns.

Our support services are also adapted to the season with the return of our organic soups available in small and large sizes.

Our grilled potatoes with chives, crème fraîche or cheddar cheese and fried onions. our tortillas Cheddar cheese and fried onions are the perfect accompaniment to a bagel. 

Grilled potatoes - cheddar & fried onions
Tortillas - cheddar & fried onions



Our three star recipes will warm the bodies and hearts of even the most gourmand among you. And to whet your appetite, here's a quick rundown of the compositions of our winter bagels ⤵️

Duck Bagel Cream cheese, onion confit, smoked duck breast, cheese shavings, baby lettuce. 

Bagel Raclette Cream cheese, smoked turkey, potatoes, raclette cheese, baby lettuce. 

The Goat Bagel Cream cheese, warm goat's cheese, walnuts, baby lettuce, honey mustard sauce. 


Bagel Canard
Bagel Raclette
Goat's cheese bagel



You can also find specialities regional from your favourite Bagel Corner 📍 

Savoyard Bagel Cream cheese, cured ham, Reblochon cheese, fried onions, baby lettuce. 

Crispy Bacon Bagel : cream cheese, cheddar, bacon (or La Vie™️ vegetable bacon), fried chicken pop, fried onions, barbecue sauce.

Saint-Nectaire Bagel Cream cheese, smoked turkey, potatoes, Saint-Nectaire cheese, baby lettuce, pepper.

Bagel Brie or not to Brie Cream cheese, Brie de Meaux PDO, walnuts, baby lettuce, honey mustard sauce.

The 3 Cheese Bagel Cream cheese, cheese shavings, cheddar, blue cheese, cherry tomatoes, baby lettuce. 

Bagel Foodies : cream cheese, fried chicken pop, onion confit, Loire pebbles, baby lettuce.

Bagel Ch'ti : cream cheese, smoked turkey, Maroilles cheese, baby lettuce.


Savoyard bagel
3-Cheese Bagel



And what would be the return of our winter products without the return of our hot drinks 🔥 

You are tempted by a Latte Macchiato with syrup Monina coffee Coffee lands or a personalised hot chocolate? 

Morning or afternoon, come and enjoy a special moment as comforting as it is delicious


Chaï Latte
Hot chocolate
Latte Macchiato