What is the AGEC Act? 💡

The AGEC law (anti-waste law for a circular economy) was passed in 2020 and aims to significantly reduce single-use plastic packaging. 🌱

And yes, the planet isn't going to save itself. 🌎

At Bagel Corner, protecting the environment is a core concern. Aware of our social AND environmental responsibilities, we have been committed for years to to limit the consumption of disposable packaging and to eliminate all plastic from our packaging.

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From 1 January 2023, we will offer you reusable tableware for on-the-spot consumption throughout our Bagel Corner network. The dishes will follow a strict washing procedure to maintain impeccable hygiene. 🍽  


As for delivery, we have already been in place for several months a Kraft packaging format. Bye bye plastic 👊


Eating in your favourite restaurant is ok ✅ but eating in your favourite restaurant while paying attention to your surroundings it's better 🫶

 Isn't the Bagel beautiful ✌️ie?

If you would like to find out more about our ecological commitmentsis by here 🙃