Meet us at Franchise expo paris 2021

Aurore has moved house, Théo has finally taken his leave, our new doughnuts have sold like hotcakes (with holes, of course) but above all... Bagel Corner Nanterre has finally opened! Followed by a brand new Bagel Corner in the Ginko district of Bordeaux.

We would like to welcome Mustapha and his team to Nanterre, as well as Sylvie and Laurent and their team in Bordeaux.

The magic of bagels and doughnuts is just waiting to happen to our new members! (We're counting on you 😉).

The autumn programme includes a long-awaited trade show...

The 2021 edition of Franchise Expo Paris is just around the corner! It's a long-awaited event, as the health crisis forced the postponement of the 2020 edition. 

This trade fair gives (future) entrepreneurs the opportunity to come and meet brands and discover the world of franchising. Bagel Corner is proud to take part again, and has done so for several years now. All the network's key players are mobilised for the occasion: Jean-Marc, Maureen, Théophile, Jérémy, Michaël, Rachid, Aurore, Prisca... in short, it's all hands on deck as we prepare for a great show. 

Every year, our stand is a replica of a restaurant, allowing us to present the concept to visitors. This year is no exception, and we'll be ready to welcome you to the latest version of our concept. "Bagels - Donuts - Coffeewith a stand all spiced up for the occasion.

Teasing these 4 days With the launch of a new product (round with a hole in it) and a host of equally tasty recipes (did you find it?!), a new format, the presence of our licence-holders for feedback from the field and an answer to the famous question "is it good in real life?"... We've pulled out all the stops for our reunion!

So if you'd like to find out more about the brand and its concept, come and meet us. order your badge now.

Franchise Expo Paris 2021, at last!


And for those who haven't seen it, the replay of the show "The right questions to ask yourself before taking the plunge".it's here 👇

A great way to promote franchising as a springboard to entrepreneurship. Prisca Ingremeau, our Development Director, was on Stéphane Joubert's show to answer all the questions you're probably asking yourself before taking the plunge. 

Prisca is even nicer in person, so make sure you visit the Bagel Corner stand P 57 when you're there to meet her!


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Prisca Ingremeau - 07 49 19 79 03 - Development Director 



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Michaël COHEN - 06 79 46 93 49 - Co-founder



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