Winter recipes are back

We announced it to you a few days ago, winter recipes have made a comeback! 

A total of six recipes that will warm your winter in the most comforting way. 

Bagel Raclette, Canard, Chèvre, Savoyard, Brie or 3 cheeses, which one will win your heart? Find out below: 

Bagel Raclette Cream cheese, smoked turkey, potatoes, raclette cheese, baby lettuce. 


Duck Bagel Cream cheese, onion confit, smoked duck breast, cheese shavings, baby lettuce. 


The Goat Bagel Cream cheese, warm goat's cheese, walnuts, baby lettuce, honey mustard sauce. 


Savoyard Bagel Cream cheese, cured ham, Reblochon cheese, fried onions, baby lettuce. 


Bagel Brie Cream cheese, Brie de Meaux PDO, walnuts, baby lettuce, honey mustard sauce. 


The 3 Cheese Bagel Cream cheese, cheese shavings, cheddar, blue cheese, cherry tomatoes, baby lettuce.