Bagel Corner is off to a great start this year with the appointment of our new Managing Director Théo Lelièvre 🍾

The story begins in 2017, and it's a fast-moving one, taking Théo just 7 years to go from trainee to Managing Director of France's favourite bagel chain.
7 years to know it all, 7 years to understand it all, 7 years of professional development within a team on a human scale, close-knit and ready to take on any challenge. 🚀

Coincidentally (or not), 7 years is also the length of a Bagel Corner licensing contract. 😉 We tell you all about it in this article.

Théo Lelièvre is 28 years old and was born in Rouen in Normandy.
After his A-levels, he entered ISG Paris in 2013 with lofty ambitions.

During his studies, he travelled to several countries and discovered different professions, first in the sales department of the Colas group, then in marketing at SDU (the Dutch subsidiary of Editions Lefebvre Sarrut). These placements in major international groups helped him to better define his professional future and his wishes in the years that followed.

It was during a work placement in a start-up during his 3rd year at school that he decided to turn to the world of start-ups for his next experience.

The following year, Théo was taken on as a trainee for 6 months at Bagel Corner as a sales developer, with the aim of developing the catering business at the Bagel Corner branch restaurant.

When he left the company, the opportunity was seized. After 2 months, he was promoted to Administrative Manager, and the adventure continued the following year, between Bagel Corner during the week and school at the weekend, before graduating with an MBA in International Business in 2018.
In 2021, he logically took over management of the financial aspects of the company and 3 years later, Théo was appointed Managing Director.

A pure Bagel Corner product!


After 7 years working at Bagel Corner, analysing every aspect of the business, Théo has had time to think about his vision of management and the future of this company, which is very close to his heart.

Its ambitions remain clear: to remain France's favourite chain and to become Europe's leading coffee shop specialising in bagels.

To achieve these objectives, the new Managing Director wants to strengthen licensees' sense of belonging to the network by introducing specific training courses, monthly webinars and weekly marketing focuses. He is also keen to implement a new lead acquisition strategy.
Barely a year after the market launch of the new Bagel Corner concept and a month after the success of the fund-raising campaign open to the general public, Théo arrives at his new post full of ambition for 2024!


Bagel Corner is first and foremost a big family, and two founders who want to use their experience and knowledge of the company to help their brand move forward.
Lucie joined the operations team 6 years ago as assistant manager of the branch restaurant, and is now head of training and operations at head office.

In the marketing and communications team, Jean-Marc started out 6 years ago as an external community manager. Alexandre, head of CRM, joined us 3 years ago on a work-linked training scheme, and was given a permanent position on completion of his training in digital marketing.

The Bagel Corner team carries out its projects in an almost family atmosphere.