... Ours has a hole too!

It all began when Michael, Rachid and Grégory, then business school students, went on a study trip together to Eastern Europe. There they discovered an unusual product that was very popular in local restaurants: the bagel. Immediately attracted by this original snack, halfway between a burger and a sandwich, the three friends embarked on a global market study which showed them that there was virtually no such product in France, unlike in the USA, Canada and the UK, where bagel chains are king. Convinced of the potential of the little round loaf, they set out to conquer the fast-food market with a well-defined concept.

The concept? Let's get down to it! It's based on a rich offering of fresh products and varied recipes in sales areas ranging from 7 to 70m². The brand's ultimate aim? To make the bagel accessible to everyone, at any time of day, thanks - among other things - to order and delivery. Add to this a strong, modern and dynamic brand identity, and Bagel Corner is born!

To make their mark, the trio opened their first shop in February 2011, near the Jussieu campus in Paris. Several restaurant purchases followed, gradually leading to the launch of a Bagel Corner franchise. The family is growing... So much so that at the time of writing, there are more than 30 Bagel Corner restaurants open across France... And it's far from over! The brand with the round bun is starting to move into high-traffic areas (stations, airports, motorways, etc.) and is determined to expand beyond France's borders! Next stop: Belgium, scheduled to open in May 2018! J