Bagel Corner is off to a flying start in 2021 with three new openings: Angers, Nanterre & Roanne.

After setting up in l'Iceparc d'Angers at double concept with our friends at PokawaBagel Corner continues to expand across the city with the opening ofA new restaurant in the city centre.

For Benjamin Mauxion, it was obvious: " oe wanted to work with a dynamic network that offered a differentiated product range at a good price. Naturally, Bagel Corner made a name for itself with its legendary gourmet bagels and its sweet offering of muffins and the famous donut.

At Nanterre, the project had been in the pipeline for Mustapha for a long time. We're delighted to see this a new restaurant just a stone's throw from Nanterre University in the cœur université shopping centre and next door to our friends at King Marcel. When bagels come to titillate burgers 🙂

Last to arrive, Roanne! Every lunchtime, hundreds of people come to discover our bagels, lovingly prepared by Maximilien and his team.

Focus on these first few weeks with a few questions to the young entrepreneur:

What prompted you to open Bagel Corner?
Quite simply, people! After a great presentation at the Lyon franchise fair in October 2019, Grégory (co-founder editor's note) convinced me that at Bagel Corner there's strength in numbers! The Bagel Corner family spirit and the fact that we're all there to help each other was very important in my decision. The support is strong and assured, even after the opening!

How are you feeling after a month of opening?
I feel perfectly well and confident for the future. I've always been involved in operations and optimisation ever since I left secondary school. Both my years at Mc Do and Aldi gave me a lot of experience.

I wasn't stressed about the building work or the opening because I was supported from start to finish. (and then some) and the head of the network was always on hand to answer any questions!

Having said that, you need to be a good manager to lead your team successfully, help them to develop and gain the trust of everyone. What's more, my daily routine is never the same, and that's what I like about the fast food business!

How have the people of Roanne welcomed the Bagel Corner concept?
It couldn't be better! I knew in advance that the customers would be there, but I didn't think there would be so many! Two months after opening, I've already got a lot of loyal customers and lots and lots of positive feedback!

Roanne is a small town where everyone knows everyone else, and word of mouth is very important.

What does Bagel Corner do for you? 
Bagel Corner brings me a wealth of know-how and a highly-developed concept! It allows me to be a forerunner in the bagel sector. and build up customer loyalty with an excellent product and service before a competitor moves in.

For other restaurants in the sector, you have to know how to stand out from the crowd, and in this case we've succeeded with the concept, the product, the speed of execution and the commitment of the whole team to satisfying our customers to the best of our ability.

Any future projects?
Yes, a lot... after a while of practice with my first Bagel Corner, I'd like to continue the Bagel Corner adventure in other cities. To be seen with the brand, the location and development opportunities, but for now it's a secret 🙂