12 years after its creation, Bagel Corner is constantly reinventing itself to offer an increasingly tasty range. Today, the brand is focusing its efforts on its range of doughnuts, with exclusive recipes and new top-of-the-range products.

A 100% RANGE

With more than 300,000 donuts consumed every day: the donut craze is well and truly under way!
Since 2021, Bagel Corner, a key player in the street food market, has been offering Amazing Donutsa range of gourmet products including 40 exclusive recipes and more than 100 combinations possible. Available in restaurants and dark kitchens, the pastries are prepared in the shop every day throughout the day and can be eaten in restaurants or at home thanks to Uber Eats and Deliveroo.


Paris-Brest, Lemon Meringue Pie and Framboisier... to mark National Donut Day, the bagel specialist is unveiling some exclusive recipes.
In response to France's passion for this pastry with holes in it, and to celebrate International Donut Day in style, Bagel Corner is launching 3 new recipes directly inspired by legendary French pastries: Lemon Meringue Tart, Framboisier and Paris-Brest. The icing on the cake: this gourmet range includes donuts with a generous cream filling for even more gourmet pleasure!

The new range will be available from 3 to 30 June in all Bagel Corner stores and delivery via partner platforms.


After 1 year of R&D, the Bagel Corner network, with its 50 restaurantsis preparing to unveil a doughnut offer that will delight many. This offer will be complemented by a new range of hot and cold drinks thanks to a three-way partnership with WMF, Monin and Terres de Café.

With orders delivered by bike, reusable packaging, eco-friendly cleaning products and a focus on reducing waste, Bagel Corner is also part of a broader strategy to reduce waste. eco-responsible approach that it wishes to develop towards clear objectives such as the complete elimination of plastic in its establishments.

"We can't wait to present our customers with these new products, the result of a health crisis and many months of reflection. The donut was an obvious choice and will soon become an icon alongside our fabulous bagels. With Amazing Donuts, we are launching the future of Bagel Corner: Bagel, Donut, Café". concludes Michaël Cohen, Co-founder of Bagel Corner.