For bagel and burger lovers, Bagel Corner is unveiling two new limited edition recipes ! An avalanche of gourmet delights to be found in our 50 restaurants across France from 3 September

And because we know that going back to school is always complicated, for every menu you order, we offer a cookie or doughnut to all students.



Available in two versions, classic or vegetarianThese bagel burgers will delight all food lovers. street food. A food innovation that perfectly combines the of the burger and the freshness of the bagelalways made to order in front of our customers.  The classic version Cheesy surprises with its burger bun withcuttlefish ink. An original bread made by hand in collaboration with Boulangerie Thierry. To complete this bagel burger ultra gourmet: a steak, a slice of cheddar cheese, some cheddar sauce and a few pickles for a touch of acidity. The declination Veggiewith its classic bun, will be just as tasty thanks to the vegetable hash Garden Gourmet® and plant-based bacon The Life ™.

CHEESY - squid ink burger bun, beef steak, cheddar cheese, cheddar sauce, tomatoes, onions, pickles and iceberg lettuce.
VEGGIE - burger bun, La VieTM veggie bacon, Garden Gourmet® veggie mince, cheddar cheese, cheddar sauce, tomatoes, pickles, onions and iceberg lettuce.


And to make sure our bagel burgers are the perfect accompaniment, we now offer pommes grenailles or Doritos au gratin with cheddar cheese. An offer that will undoubtedly warm your body and your heart...


"This Bagel Burger will enable us to become a key player in the Bagel Burger market. fast food in both summer and winter. This refreshing offer is currently available in limited editions, but depending on the response from our customers, it could eventually become part of our menu. What's the other big news? Thanks to the fast-food ovens installed in our restaurants, we'll be able to offer the whole bagel range in a hot version".

Michael Cohenco-founder of Bagel Corner.