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Bagel Corner, who are we?

Bagel Corner is a fast food chain specialising in bagels. A delicious
round bread toasted to perfection (7 varieties of bread), fresh ingredients from the morning and an
A fast and helpful team - these are the reasons for Bagel Corner's success!
The first Bagel Corner restaurant was opened in 2011, and following the success of the first
units the network launched as a franchise (brand licence) in 2015. We are
now with some forty sales outlets open or in the process of opening, the team
animation network needs reinforcements:)!

Job description for a network coordinator

The position of network coordinator is essential for the network (franchise or business licence).
brand), because it is the licensees' privileged contact with the network head, and
so with the company. His role is to maintain very good human relations with
licensees while ensuring that they respect the brand's rules.
The position is at the crossroads of several professions:

In short, you act as the interface between head office and the franchisees, translating feedback into action.
and useful to the network departments. You are
also the spokesperson for the network head.
Your role will be to ensure the development of turnover and quality control for
your pool of franchisees.

Your main tasks will be to:

Your profile:

Do you like a challenge? Are you keen to join a fast-growing network?
development. Ideally, you will have experience in entertainment and catering.
You are mobile in France.

Skills required :

Human relations :

Analytical skills :

Project management :

Operational know-how :

Marketing and communications :

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