On the podium of recipes to enjoy with your hands, two competitors are battling it out for top spot! The burger, the now legendary sandwich, of course takes pride of place. But our round buns with holes are far from having said their last word! The bagel has a number of advantages to offer on the restaurant and snacking market, we'll show you?

A bagel story that takes us on a journey

Get ready, we're taking you far away. 1610, the oldest known mention of bagels, and it takes place in Poland. ! The burger had to wait until the 19th century to rival the round bun. So the bagel is well established in world gastronomic culture, long before its American cousin. 

Even if its real breakthrough is much more recent in France, the bagel brings with it a traditional feel, a return to its roots, while adding a new touch of freshness to snacking options. Our bagels have it all !

The bagel, the fast-growing sandwich

100 million bagels sold every year ! The performance of the hole-in-the-wall sandwich shows just how appealing it is to the French market, which is looking for new taste experiences. Bagel sales figures continue to climb year on year. The bagel is now the 4th most popular snack eaten by the French, behind pizza, sandwiches and burgers.

The early 2000s had already seen a few timid appearances of bagels in shop windows, but the turning point was definitively made when specialist retailers, including Bagel Cornerhave made the product a star! Fast food specialists predict that the bagel will eventually represent 10 % in the market, with a sales volume of almost 600 million euros.


A less saturated market for growing demand

The second advantage of bagels over burgers? There are so many burger options on the market! There are plenty of chains serving them or making them their speciality. Less room for the burger ... 

For the bagel, the competition is much less stiff ! The market remains much more open for bagels. All the indicators are in the green: by offering bagels in a market that's in demand, you have every chance of "winning".mate"With your future customers!

The bagel, perfectly aligned with the expectations of a demanding market

In the collective mind, the bagel represents a healthy alternative to the burger. And it's true! The garnish gives pride of place to crudités and vegetables, before making way for slices of meat or salmon! A real treat... at calories under control! Add to that the possibility of having the only gluten-free bread in France at Bagel Corner, we've got a product that's perfectly adapted to consumer demands.

As far as the market is concerned, there is strong demand for the take-away for food that's healthy, beautiful and good. The bagel is perfectly positioned to meet this consumer demand. The confinements we've experienced have reinforced this trend towards a return to natural, healthy food and homemade recipes.

Our bagels are definitely fresher!

2 minutes tops, no more! That's how long it takes to serve our bagels. And with good reason: It doesn't need to be cooked, and assembling the ingredients is a breeze. A burger? The meat has to be cooked, so you have to think ahead. So your burgers are less likely to be made on demand than a bagel! When it comes to freshness, 1 point for the bagel!

What's more, bagels are usually eaten cold, so no special packaging is needed to keep them warm. Freshness guaranteed until you taste it! 

A bagel with endless possibilities!

The bagel's strength also lies in its ability to constantly innovate in the recipes it makes possible! Meat, vegetables, sauces, spices, It can be adapted to suit any trend or customer requirement. Our round buns are always a step ahead! 

Do you prefer the sweet version? All right, then, we've got doughnuts for you! Alternative sweetness, the donut is the perfect addition to our bagel range! The little round doughnut with the hole is a logical way to finish the meal. A sweet burger? It certainly exists, but you have to admit that the idea doesn't seem very appealing at first glance. 


Technical knockout for the burger! Although it's widely popular, American bread offers little scope for imagination when compared with the open creativity of bagels. It's also much less practical to serve: it needs to be baked and often needs to be prepared in advance, whereas the bagel is cooked to order. The burger risks arriving at the place of consumption lukewarm. In terms of image, the bagel manages to combine a historical presence in certain cultures with an innovative side. Added to this is its perfect alignment with the demands of an increasingly demanding market (and rightly so). 

When will you be serving your first bagels at Bagel Corner?