Bagel Corner is a fast-food chain specialising in bagels. A delicious round loaf toasted to perfection (7 varieties of bread), fresh ingredients and a fast, helpful team - these are the reasons for Bagel Corner's success!

The first Bagel Corner restaurant was opened in 2011, and following the success of the first units, the network launched a franchise (brand licence) in 2015. By the end of 2020, the brand will have 50 restaurants in France, Belgium and Reunion Island. The network head is therefore in need of reinforcements to support its development!

The aim is to have a network of 100 restaurants by 2025, and to become the benchmark for bagels in small outlets in Europe.

To strengthen our team, we are looking for a Manager for the restaurant located at 53 rue la Boétie - Paris.


Job description:

👉 Sales promotion
👉 Operations management
👉 Team management
👉 Administrative management and reporting
👉 Leading the team with the aim of maximising customer satisfaction and the life of the restaurant in order to increase turnover.
👉 Organising customer reception and taking part in sales.
👉 Ensuring the shop is properly maintained (tidiness, presentation, cleanliness).
👉 Opening and closing the point of sale.
👉 Organising and preparing inventories, checking stock levels.
👉 Organise restocking according to sales and deliveries.
👉 Integrate employees, training them in the basics of the business in accordance with the Bagel Corner training plan
👉 Ensure the quality of internal communication and compliance with the Bagel Corner Quality Charter.
👉 Carry out the administrative management of the shop (placing orders, supplies, etc.).
👉 Organising schedules and adjusting working hours in line with daily and seasonal fluctuations in activity.
👉 Monitoring and analysing results and sales indicators (number of customers, sales growth, etc.) and reporting to Bagel Corner management.


👍 Technical skills
👍 People skills
Mastery of team leadership and management techniques.
👍 Ability to analyse commercial indicators.
👍 Interpersonal skills, as there are many internal and external relationships, including with customers during the rush.
👍 Exemplarity and a sense of customer service (quality of welcome, availability, listening, service and advice) to ensure customer satisfaction.
👍 Ability to provide impetus, stimulate and empower teams, and delegate certain activities.
👍 The ability to coordinate and communicate internally, in order to involve all shop staff and ensure good understanding within the teams.
👍 Responsiveness, in order to respond quickly to fluctuations in activity and optimise shop organisation with a view to improving sales.
👍 Sense of initiative and ability to propose improvements and corrective measures

You have a hotel management background and at least 2/3 years' experience in managing a restaurant or takeaway. You like challenges, and you're keen to join a fast-growing network.

You know how to mobilise the energies of your staff and manage unforeseen situations, so don't hesitate any longer and send your application to

Salary: fixed + variable
Job type: full-time
Progression to a position as network coordinator for the whole of France