World Environment Day: Bagel Corner commits to a sustainable future 🌍🌱

At Bagel Corner, we've decided to share with you our environmental initiatives and take you behind the scenes of our eco-responsible transition begun in 2017 ♻️

Firstly, we undertook combat food waste by teaming up with the famous "unsold goods" recycling chain. TooGoodToGo " 🤝

As we became increasingly aware of environmental concerns, we turned our attention to the issue of our packaging. How can we be local and eco-responsible? 🤔

It was following this reflection that we established a partnership with Gault & Frémont, a French packaging manufacturer recognised for its expertise and excellent approach to social and environmental responsibility (SER).







🗣 Michael Cohenour co-founder, explains: " It affects me personally to be at the heart of a machine that generates organic and plastic waste every day - at home, we do everything we can to buy in bulk, consume locally and reuse our containers - I had to find quick actions to put in place at Bagel Corner so that my personal values were aligned with those of my company. " 


But our initiatives are not limited to these partnerships. We implement a wide range of actions on a daily basis, both in our restaurants and at company headquarters to launch a more global CSR approach 🎯

In our restaurantsWe have implemented a number of initiatives, including:


🚮 Raising customer awareness of selective sorting

🎒 Encouraging customers to bring their own bags, cups and cutlery

🌱 The plant-based option for all our products

☕️ The supply of organic and fair trade coffee with Coffee lands 

🫖 The use of biodegradable tea bags and cardboard packaging made in France with l'Autre Thé

♻️ 80 % of plastic and 88% of our packaging are recycled and/or labelled 


At our Paris headquartersWe have also introduced the following initiatives:  


🪑 Buying second-hand items whenever possible.

🥛 The use of reusable rather than disposable crockery

🍏 Promoting quality of life in the office (teleworking, flexible working hours, gym, fruit basket, etc.)

⚡️ The use of rechargeable batteries

🪴 The acquisition of numerous depolluting plants

What's more, from 1 January 2023we are proposing a reusable tableware for our customers who eat on the premises throughout our network. This crockery is carefully washed according to strict procedures in order to guarantee impeccable hygiene 🍽

As for delivery, we've been adopting this approach for several months now. Kraft packaging saying bye bye to plastic 👋

As the famous saying goes Alone we go faster, together we go further "

It is therefore essential to get the message across and for everyone to make the necessary efforts to improving the fate of our planet 🌍

Offering generous, high-quality products to our customers is Ok, offering generous, high-quality products to our customers is Ok by reducing our environmental impact it's better 💚