Why open a bagel corner franchise?

Are you dreaming of a meaningful professional project in which to invest yourself?
The bagel market in France is growing at an estimated rate of 80% every year. Whether you're ready to take the plunge into entrepreneurship or want to invest in a profitable business, opening a Bagel Corner franchise is one of the most viable solutions today. 

But why open a Bagel Corner franchise than another? What can the Bagel Corner network offer you and what are the advantages? benefits ? What is the career path of a prospective franchisee Bagel Corner?

Despite a year marked by the health crisis in 2020, the French fast-food market is growing strongly, with average annual sales of €34 billion (source: Fédération Française de la Franchise).
Annual sales well ahead of the traditional restaurant sector.
The reason for this is that the French are spending less and less time on their lunch breaks, preferring to snack! And the bagel market is delighted!

The bagel brings something new to the snacking world and complements the existing monotonous offer. It's not for nothing that the bagel market is growing at an estimated rate of 80% every year!

Considered a fad just a few years ago, the bagel is now firmly established in the world of quality fast food. That's right, the bagel market is a buoyant and growing market in Francewith the number of sales outlets growing by more than 50 % per year for more than 3 consecutive years!

Although major players such as Speed Burger, Franprix, Monoprix and McDonald's all offer bagels on their menus, Bagel Corner is now THE benchmark for "fast good bagels".



What is the Bagel Corner network?

The Bagel Corner franchise in figures

Voted one of the 5 restaurant franchises to watch closely by the Observatoire de la Franchise in 2018, the Bagel Corner franchise has almost all the makings of a big one!

  • 100 restaurants by 2025
  • 48 Brand Licence restaurants
  • 1 pilot restaurant
  • 1 training centre
  • 1,200,000 bagels sold every year 
  • 7 awards to his credit
Bagel Corner: an ambitious network 

Bagel Corner is expanding its Brand Licence network and its ambition is to become THE benchmark for bagels in Europe! The brand was even voted BPI France Excellence for the quality of its network and its controlled expansion. Thanks to its innovative and distinctive concept, the Bagel Corner family now has almost 50 licensed partners.

The network's success is due in particular to :

  • Quality products.
  • Affordable prices to appeal to students and working people alike.
  • A fast service of less than 70s from the time the order is placed.
  • A complete "bagels - doughnuts - coffee" offer to suit every moment of the day: this is the "All day long" offer, from breakfast to dinner.

But Bagel Corner is also, and above all, a company on a human scale, close to its network, where everyone takes pleasure in their entrepreneurial adventure. Would you like to join the family?



A brand licence with strong values

Bagel Corner has successfully met the challenge of introducing a quality bagel to France, using fresh produce and bread of unbeatable quality. The menu evolves with the seasons (salads, soups, even the disappearance of cherry tomatoes in winter) and working exclusively with seasonal produce is a long-term objective for the chain. 

From Bagels to Smoothies and Chai Lattes, Bagel Corner offers vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free alternatives so that everyone can pamper their taste buds.

Bagel Corner has also set itself apart by adopting an eco-responsible approach:

  • Orders delivered on foot or by bike 
  • A plant-based option for all products (from bagels to hot drinks)
  • 83% of packaging is recycled and/or labelled
  • Fair trade and organic coffee that changes with the seasons
  • A commitment to reducing waste with partners such as Too Good to Go and Phénix
  • 80% of recycled plastic, with a target of zero plastic by 2022

But much more than a network, Bagel Corner is a big family united around strong values:

  • Le respectas a foundation for healthy, long-term relationships.
  • La proximityA warm welcome for customers and staff alike.
  • L'innovationto delight old and new customers alike.
  • L'excellenceOur ultimate aim is to offer the best possible experience.

What are the advantages of the Bagel Corner network?

  • A concept with values innovation and eco-responsibility.
  • A concept with fresh produce and quality.
  • A training dedicated: high-quality initial training.
  • A competent team of managers, well supported.

In developing their brand, the co-founders were mentored by the CEO of Columbus Café (Nicolas Riché), the co-founder of Serena Capital (Marc Fournier), the founder of the Mezzo Di Pasta chain (Emmanuel Guth) and the former Quick/Burger King export manager (Thierry Rousset).

  • A support proximity.

When you join the Bagel Corner family, you'll benefit from day-to-day support to make your restaurant THE benchmark for snacking that's good, healthy and affordable.

  • And to top it all off, the Bagel Corner network is supported by 8 partner banks to finance restaurants!

What does it take to become a Bagel Corner candidate?

Your life will change at the click of a button. Once you have submitted your application, an initial meeting will be arranged with the development team, where you can present your project, Discover the Bagel Corner franchise network and the specificities of Brand Licensing. 

Once you've cleared all the administrative paperwork, you'll take part in a discovery day where you'll be immersed in a restaurant. This will enable the teams to decide whether or not to validate your candidate profile. 

If your profile is validated, that's when the serious stuff starts! 

After signing the DIP (Document d'Information Précontractuelle), you will reserve your area based on the results of the local market survey.

But don't panic, throughout your Bagel Corner candidate career pathOne of our guides will accompany you. And that's until the work starts!

Once the work has been completed and the pre-opening inspection has been carried out, you will need to submit the certificate of conformity before you can officially open your doors!

To sum up, once you have sent in your application, it can take 5 to 6 months to validate the project and find the premises, followed by 5 to 6 months to open the doors once the preliminary contract has been signed. 

Then it's on to the Bagel-Vie! 

Ready for an entrepreneurial adventure? Request a brochure!