Why open a restaurant franchise?

While the franchising sector is doing rather well, and is emerging as an important long-term solutionThe restaurant market, on the other hand, is one of the largest in Europe. heavyweight modelthe Franchise Observatory forecasts a growth which should pick up strongly from 2022. But how is the catering market since the health crisis hit? What are the benefits to choose the restaurant sector over any other? Why choose Bagel Corner than any other brand?


How will the restaurant market fare in 2021?

The commercial catering market has been considerably affected by the health crisisIn the first half of the year, sales fell by 45% over the period from January to the end of July, compared with the same period in 2019. Where the fast food does well by limiting its sales losses to -17% thanks to takeaways and deliveries, but also because chains have continued to open outlets despite the crisis. The "pizza takeaway" and "pizza delivery" segments were particularly strong. burger "have experienced significant growth in June and July, returning to their levels of the 2019 summer season.


Just before the pandemic, the restaurant market was predicting growth of 7%. This year, growth is expected to approach 8%. For Bernard Boutboul, Chairman of Gira, catering remains a market for the future. With lunchtimes getting shorter by the day, and culinary skills becoming increasingly scarce, it's time to get back to work. fast food should continue to take off in France, with a double-digit growth forecast for 2022.


Today, catering is a sector that continues to attract as many people as ever, and there's no sign of it slowing down any time soon. Restaurants have always been the stuff of dreams, and the confinements have given new entrepreneurs the desire to open their own restaurant. Franchising is an ideal solution for those who don't necessarily have any experience, and who want to be supported by a tried and tested concept that provides security for prospective franchisees.


Franchise professionals are announcing a number of concepts that will stand out from the crowd from 2022 onwards, including four major trends: mid-range and top-of-the-range fast food. No more junk food! Consumers want to eat quickly but with quality ingredients that are as good for their taste buds as they are for their health!

Some key figures ... 

Prior to the health crisis, the French spent +1.7 % on eating out, and restaurant visits rose by +0.8 %.

While traditional table-service restaurants will lose 50 % of their visits and turnover in 2020, the fast-food sector is doing rather well, managing to take advantage of the situation. It has only lost a quarter of its turnover and visits. This food category has gained 7 points of market share and accounts for 43 % of total out-of-home restaurant visits (36 % in 2019).

Franchising, too, is weathering the health crisis and continuing to play its role as a creator of local value, with 1,927 franchisors, 78,032 franchisees and total sales of 63.88 billion euros in 2020.

What are the advantages of the restaurant sector for a franchisee?

As you will have realised, the fast food franchise sector is a buoyant, long-term market. France, once thought to be culturally closed to fast food, has now become one of the leading markets for this type of restaurant, with more than 150 fast food chains. But not just any fast food... Today's consumers are looking to eat fast but well, they want to know where their products come from and, if possible, they want to buy from local producers.

Fast food franchises benefit from the advantages of the franchise system itself, as well as from a number of other advantages.special advantages related to the sector, such as :

- From great career opportunities entrepreneurial,

- A support throughout the project,

- Pooling a large number of tools and resources.

- Some a wide range of contractual formulas on a large number of conditions, allowing several types of partnerships, greater or lesser involvement of the franchisor or greater leeway for the franchisee;

- A activity open to absolutely everyoneNo cooking skills required;

- An activity where the teamwork is kingto help them develop their management skills.

And what about Bagel Corner?

Bagel Corner has seen the number of outlets in France grow by more than 50 % per year over the past 3 years, with 1.2 million bagels consumed by 2020, and a network of 50 restaurants in France, with a target of 100 restaurants by 2025, 250 in Europe and the first establishments abroad (Belgium & Reunion Island).

The bagel market is expected to be worth over 350 million by 2025. And even though major fast-food players such as Speed Burger and McDonald's offer a bagel à la carte, they are not 100 % bagels and do not offer as complete a range as Bagel Corner.

In 2020, Bagel Corner came out on top thanks to its excellent business model and the cohesion of its network. As terraces and on-site restaurants gradually reopened, Bagel Corner doubled or even tripled the number of deliveries. Recipes were adapted and improved to suit this new way of eating. Delivery has been a real success for Bagel Corner, which has made it a strategic area of development, enabling it to emerge bigger and stronger from the health crisis!

Throughout the health crisis, Bagel Corner has been able to support its licensees, by maintaining an ongoing dialogue and, in particular, by assisting them in their efforts to obtain the aid made available by the government. This has earned it a Club de la Franchise award for being the second company to provide the best support for its licensees in 2020.         

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