What are the career prospects for a Bagel Corner franchisee?

Entrepreneurial life is your dream, but you don't have any business ideas or the desire to start up a new business from scratch. Perhaps franchising is the solution for you! But what are the career prospects for a Bagel Corner franchisee? 



How is the franchising sector faring?

After developing in the USA, franchising appeared in France in the 1980s. Since then, the franchise sector has grown steadily, and now boasts nearly 80,000 franchisees for nearly 2,000 franchisors. Although it covers a wide range of professions, one sector stands out for its rapid development and dynamic activity: the fast food

In fact, the health crisis has enabled restaurant owners to speed up the process. development of takeaway salesAnd that's what's made franchising in this sector take off! And the "turnkey" formula of this business model continues to attract more and more would-be franchisees. 

As a reminder, the franchise contract is an agreement whereby the franchisor makes its know-how, brand and assistance available to an independent trader, the franchisee. The brand Bagel Corner has chosen to develop its franchise network through a brand licensing agreement. Visit trademark licence agreement is an agreement whereby the owner of a trademark (Bagel Corner) authorises another person (the licensee, you perhaps?) to use this trademark in return for payment of royalties proportional to the use made of it.

As a Bagel Corner franchisee you'll have access to all our recipes. You'll have immediate access to "recipe for success without having to carry out all kinds of research, tests and experiments. 

But franchising has other advantages attractive benefits for entrepreneurs in search of adventure, such as : 

  • enjoy the notoriety of a well-known brand 
  • transmission of the franchisor's know-how
  • the possible assumption of responsibility for costs market research
  • help in preparing your financial file
  • initial and continuing training
  • help and support in starting up the business
  • access to the distribution platform
  • launch advertising
  • national advertising
  • assistance with stock management
  • help in managing treasury
  • l'assistance technical, commercial, legal, etc.

In addition to these benefits, a contractor starting a franchise business has more chance of success than an independent business. However, there is no guarantee of success.



What are the development prospects for franchisees?

While the vast majority of franchisees choose to devote themselves to developing a single outlet under the brand name, for the most enterprising among them, the first experience is sometimes followed by the opening of a second or even a third outlet.

According to the Observatoire de la franchise, almost 90 % of established franchises are still in business after 5 years and 1 franchisee in 5 has several points of sale. This is known as multi-franchise. Multi-franchising is a fairly common practice in some networks, including Bagel Corner. 

However, this should not be confused with multi-franchising, in which an entrepreneur sets up and develops several franchised outlets under different banners. 

What are the career prospects at Bagel Corner? 

To support its expansion, the Bagel Corner network has launched in July 2019 its own training centre with an e-learning offer dedicated to the network's franchisees and their employees. The aim of this approach is to offer all franchisees the opportunity to enhance their skills and guarantee the quality of the Bagel Corner brand image. And with good reason, Bagel Corner offers its franchisees excellent career prospects. 

The network favours multi-franchise development!

  • Multi-franchising

In 2018, seven franchisees were already operating several restaurants and four multi-site reservation contracts had just been signed with the bagel specialist for opening in 2019 in Annecy, Dijon, Marseille and Montpellier. 

Open a Bagel Corner franchise it's a bit like a game of Monopoly between great strategists. There are those who position themselves in railway stations, airports and motorways, the real institutions that open new corners every two years on average! And then there are the serial entrepreneurs who tend to choose the big cities, and who have the art of exploiting the concept brilliantly, building up an entire city in just a few months! 

  • Become a master franchisee abroad

This is the case of Marc Hostyn, Bagel Corner's first master franchisee. But what is a master franchise? Visit master-franchise is a contract giving a company (the master-franchisee) exclusive rights to develop a brand in a given territory. While this territory is often country-wide, it can also cover a number of regions (the west of France, the east of France, etc.).

A former company director in Europe and Asia, Marc Hostyn set himself a new challenge in 2018: to use his skills to develop the Bagel Corner network in Belgium and Luxembourg. He has therefore surrounded himself with the best people to roll out a network of around 30 Bagel Corner restaurants in BENELUX. 

Would you like to follow Marc's example and become a Bagel Corner master franchisee abroad?