It's Christmas before time at Bagel Corner!

It's Christmas before time at Bagel Corner December is always full of good surprises at Bagel Corner and this year is no exception! Father Christmas BC has filled his sack with gifts just for you 🎅 We'll tell you how to enter to win, LET'S GO ❤️‍🔥 [...]

#Grenoble: a look back at a crazy opening

After 2 years of work and 2 months of refurbishment, we're delighted to be able to introduce you to the brand new Bagel Corner experience: 👉 A new architectural and graphic identity 👉 A 100% digitalised customer journey 👉 A new, even more gourmet menu (Have you ever heard of freakshakes? 🤯) 👉 A complete barista offering with incredible coffees [...].

Bordeaux Mériadeck, we're back 🔥

💥 COME BACK 💥 After three long years, we're (finally) back at the Bordeaux Mériadeck shopping centre, 57 rue du Château d'Eau📍 And we're proud to present our brand new Kiosk Congratulations to Sylvie and Laurent, who were already licensees of Bagel Corner Bordeaux Ginko and have now become multi [...].

World Environment Day 🌱

World Environment Day: Bagel Corner commits to a sustainable future 🌍🌱 At Bagel Corner, we've decided to share with you our initiatives in favour of the environment and take you behind the scenes of our eco-responsible transition, which began in 2017 ♻️ First of all, we set out to fight against waste [...]


To mark National Donut Day this 2 June, we're running an exclusive Instagram competition, offering entrants the chance to win a hundred of our irresistible Donuts. What's more, we're embarking on a special collaboration with the Salvation Army! 🫶 MORE THAN 100 DONUTS TO WIN We've put the [...]


Whether you're into vegetarian food or just want to reduce your meat intake, our new Pulled no-Pork bagel is for YOU 👊 But what's in this brand new bagel? 🤔 Pork without Pork (yes, you're not dreaming) 🐽🌱 But not only that, we [...]

Let the Reunion adventure begin 🏝

POV: we're taking the Bagel Corner experience to the other side of the world 🌍 This Tuesday, 04 April, Bagel Corner will open its doors on a heavenly island: Reunion Island 🏝 After several months of preparation and logistical challenges - such as monitoring the site from a distance and working on product sourcing - we're delighted to [...].


  Franchise Expo Paris 2023 is over! It was a very intense 4 days, full of quality meetings 🎯 We were delighted to see the interest in our brand new #Kolorblend concept 🌈🌈🌈 Our stand, just like our future restaurants, was designed to reflect the essence of KolorBlend [...].

PODCAST PARTY - Matthieu Stefani x Michael Cohen 🚀

💥 GENERATION DO IT YOURSELF 💥 Ever wanted to go behind the scenes of fast food? 🔥 Don't miss Matthieu Stefani's latest episode with our co-founder Michael Cohen 🎙 🥯 From setting up the first Bagel Corner 10 years ago to managing nearly fifty [...].


Opening Bourgoin-Jallieu 🥳 Our Bagel Corner family is growing 👫 All new and beautiful ✨ We are delighted to announce the opening of our brand new restaurant at 96 rue de la Liberté in Bourgoin-Jallieu 📍 Bagels, doughnuts and gourmet drinks all day long for maximum pleasure ❤️‍🔥 [...]