Calling all bagel AND burger fans: Bagel Corner is unveiling two new limited-edition recipes! An avalanche of deliciousness to be found in our 50 restaurants across France from 3 September. And because we know that going back to school is always tricky, we're giving away a cookie or burger for every menu you order.

The new salads are here

As we announced a few weeks ago, the new salads have arrived! This year we've revisited our recipes and 30% made them even tastier than before 😋 New ingredients include vegetarian bacon, blue cheese, quinoa, falafel and even fried chicken. In all, there are [...]

New: The Cheesy Croq

A real cheese concentrate with its cream cheese and melted Comté cheese, this bagel will delight gourmets with its potato pancake and will delight fans of melted cheese. As customisable as all our recipes, we can't recommend anything other than a little extra pastrami or cheese.

Salads revisited and 30% more generous

For 10 years now, we've been constantly fine-tuning our recipes to achieve perfection. To mark this anniversary, we're delighted to present our new range of salads, which are even tastier and more generous than before. 30 more generous % and still top product quality! This year's salads will feature a number of new ingredients, including: bacon, [...]

The incredible salad: the 1st 100% veggie bacon salad


Following the success of Incroyable Bagel and its made-in-France vegetarian bacon by Grand Gousier (winner of the 2021 Snacking d'or jury prize), Bagel Corner is back at it again with Incroyable Salade. The first 100% veggie bacon salad 🥓🌱 Our Super Chef Christophe Marotel's recipe: iceberg & baby greens salad, [...]

Bagel Corner launches the 1st 100% veggie bagel with bacon

As strong as a launch into orbit, Bagel Corner is proud to introduce the "Incroyable Bagel", made with an ingredient that is unique in the world: vegetable bacon. It's like reliving the unknown all over again, surfing on an unavowable pleasure, the thought that it's even better than 'real' bacon! Vegetable bacon is made in France from European soya (non-GMO!), [...].

Bagel Corner launches a spicy bagel like never before

THE RECIPE Cream cheese with Tabasco® sauce, baby lettuce, smoked turkey fillet, restaurant-roasted red and green peppers, Tabasco® sauce BAGEL CORNER LAUNCHES A SPICIEROUS BAGEL THAN EVER! From 16 to 29 September 2019, Bagel Corner will be offering a spicy bagel like never before with a brand new challenge on instagram #combiendegouttes [...]

Carnival Italian style at Bagel Corner

Bagel Corner is exclusively launching the #PinkBagel, a first in France with a bagel made from 100% fresh produce and natural colourings. The pink colour of the 100% bagel is natural, thanks to beetroot powder. Its colouring power could even [...]