See you at the Franchise Exhibition from 26 to 29 September!

See you at the Franchise expo Paris 2021 Aurore has moved house, Théo has finally taken his holidays, our new donuts have sold like hotcakes (with holes, of course) but above all... Bagel Corner Nanterre has finally opened! Followed by a brand new Bagel Corner in the Ginko district of Bordeaux. We wish you all the [...]

Welcome to the reactor

Follow us today to the heart of the reactor, where everything happens: decision-making, laughter, debates, tasting, training, support... Now that we can get back to the office, we'd like to welcome you to 53 rue la Boétie, pilot restaurant, training centre and head office of the network. Let's take a tour Each morning we [...]

A dozen Bagel Corner restaurants open in the middfle of the crisis

In 2020, Bagel Corner was able to hold its own thanks to an excellent business model and, above all, ever greater cohesion within its network. As the terraces and on-site catering gradually reopen, Bagel Corner takes a behind-the-scenes look at a year full of challenges and [...].

Bagel Corner almost in pole position!

The Club de la Franchise, led by Yves Sassi, pays tribute to the franchisors who have supported their franchisees throughout this crisis and Bagel Corner takes second place in the ranking (🥳 🍾) just behind La Mie Caline and ahead of Temporis!!! This Trophy is a way of highlighting all the work [...].

Bagel Corner conquering new cities

Bagel Corner is off to a flying start in 2021 with three new openings: Angers, Nanterre and Roanne. After setting up shop at the Iceparc in Angers as part of a dual concept with our friends at Pokawa, Bagel Corner is continuing to cover the city with the opening of a new restaurant in the city centre. For Benjamin Mauxion, it was an obvious choice: "We had [...]

#CornerClub: the new loyalty programme has arrived

Maybe you haven't heard yet? Our new #CornerClub loyalty programme has just been launched! The big change in this new programme is the end of the plastic card 🥳 The plastic card has been replaced by a dematerialised loyalty card that you'll find in your mobile phone's wallet [...].

Bagel Corner remains open during the lockdown

We'll continue to treat you during the lockdown 🙏 Find the list of open restaurants, opening times and ordering methods in the table below. If the Bagel Corner nearest you is within the radius authorised by the government, we'd like to take you to: to place your order in [...]

Latest network openings

Bagel Corner is expanding rapidly, proving the success of the concept of selling bagels in small stores. After 6 successful post-covid openings in Villefranche, Cambrai, Nîmes, Lyon, Narbonne and Vannes, Trignac, Marseille Timone and Angers are now joining the network. Bagel Corner Marseille Timone: 244 Boulevard [...]

Bagel Corner comes out of confinement with you

Hello bagel fans, almost all Bagel Corner restaurants are open again. We're very happy to see you again, and despite the distance, we've never felt so close to you. What has changed for customers? Orders are taken most often at the restaurant door, with the [...]

Latest network openings

The period we've just been through has been long and difficult, but that hasn't affected the motivation of our licensees! Let's take a look back at the openings at the start of the year, the adventures that began just after 11 May and those to come in the next few weeks 🔥 They're already open: [...]