FRANCHISE EXPO PARIS 2022 After a month of February dedicated to the Chinese New Year, the month of March began with two major regional meetings in Paris and Lyon to meet the network and will end with the inevitable franchise exhibition! Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit, and are you interested in [...]

Support for business start-ups

When you set out to create a business, the picture is often clouded by the idea of financing. How do you estimate the amount of money you will need to set up your business? How do you find the funds? What type of financing should you choose? These are all questions that can create doubt. Don't worry: there are plenty of financing options available in France today.

Bagel Corner: a young and dynamic network

Since 2011, Bagel Corner has been making great strides thanks to its dynamism and its desire to take on the market! We're not resting on our laurels: Bagel Corner is constantly adapting, moving forward and fiercely determined to meet our customers' needs. We'll show you how [...]

Follow us at the #CapBreton seminar 🏖️

Hello bagel fans, the entire network was in Capbreton for a seminar by the sea in the sunshine. 3 days of discussions, presentations, new ideas, laughter and listening to each other to strengthen our ties and move forward together towards an All Day Looooong version of the Bagel Corner concept: Bagels - Donuts - Coffee [...]

Why open a restaurant franchise?

Why open a restaurant franchise? While the franchising sector is doing rather well and appears to be a sustainable solution, the restaurant market is a heavyweight in the model, with the Franchising Observatory forecasting growth that should pick up again vigorously from 2022. But how is the [...]

What are the career prospects for a Bagel Corner franchisee?

What are the career prospects for a Bagel Corner franchisee? Entrepreneurial life is your dream, but you don't have any business ideas or the desire to start up a new business from scratch. Perhaps franchising is the solution for you! But what are the career prospects for a Bagel Corner franchisee? Become a [...]

Why open a Bagel Corner franchise?

Why open a bagel corner franchise? Are you dreaming of a meaningful professional project in which to invest? The bagel market in France is growing by an estimated 80% every year. Whether you're ready to take the plunge into an entrepreneurial adventure or want to invest in a profitable business, opening a bagel corner franchise is [...]